SCV Custom Crush Services

SCV Custom Crush Services

General  Consulting Services

Our winemakers are available for a wide range of consulting services.  Having many years of not only making wines but also creating and launching very successful brands, we have the expertise to offer general consulting to ensure every decision you make is done successfully and without error.  

When you become part of our team, everything below is offered as a complete package if desired.  

  • Business Plan evaluation
  • Brand preparation and launch
  • Budgeting
  • Marketing 
  • Social Media presence
  • Tasting room design and implementation
  • Tasting room management
  • Wine club design and management
  • POS software options
  • Wholesaling and distribution

We are asked quite often if we offer a shared tasting room for clients to use and the answer is no.  Here's why...  Although it seems convenient to use this method of sales to start your brand, the truth is your brand will not be taken seriously and your label is just seen as another brand that does not have a proven method of sales and following.  This is used as a method for the facility to make more money off of you at the expense of your brands reputation because the proper avenue of sales has not been established.  

We strive to work with mature brands that require consulting or already have a proven individual plan for sales.  This method for brand recognition is the only method proven to be successful in the industry.  If we're not honest with you and help guide your brand to its full potential neither of us will be successful.  

Vineyard Services


  • Vineyard installation planning
  • Site selection
  • Variety selection
  • Pre-planting preparation
  • Vineyard establishment and trellising
  • Plant protection
  • Irrigation management
  • Nutrition analysis and correction
  • Vineyard monitoring
  • Yield increasing
  • Quality improvement
  • Spray programs
  • Disease and pest recognition
  • Pruning
  • Retrofitting
  • monthly management

Winemaking Services

Servicing Ventura, Santa Barbara, central coast and southern California winemakers. We are conveniently located off Hwy 5 in Santa Clarita.  Our winemakers are available every step of the way to ensure your wine is produced to your specifications.

  • 17-20 licensing
  • 02- alternating proprietorships
  • All inclusive services and pricing
  • You can be as involved or not in the entire process
  • Filing of DBA and license
  • Vineyard contracts and fruit sourcing
  • Regulatory assistance
  • Label approval
  • Full service custom crush and crush and go packages available for red wines
  • Our facility is specifically designed to produce very complex, custom red wines
  • Our staff will work with you to understand your needs and meet them
  • All services are documented and available for review
  • Evaluation and regular consultations are done with our winemakers throughout the process
  • Blending services
  • Space available for minimum 5 tons total red program.  Each lot size minimum is 1 ton
  • Sorry but our white programs have reached full capacity


  • Crushing / Pressing / Juicing
  • Crush pad is sloped and a constant supply of 180 degree hot water is available to ensure sanitary condition
  • Strict sanitary procedures in place to ensure a clean facility
  • Unlike most other facilities, our consulting winemakers preform all aspects of client services
  • Completely Enclosed fermentation and barrel room. Climate Controlled via glycol chillers and humidistats
  • Gentle 2015 model Carlsen receiving hopper and Delta E-1 Destemming of fruit
  • Whole cluster and whole berry fermentation
  • Cold soak and extended fermentation
  • Stainless Bladder Pressing 2015 model 16HL horizontal ATI Soft Press
  • Laboratory analysis done onsite
  • 180 degree water and ozone sanitation
  • In house laboratory testing of YAN for proper nitrogen demand during fermentation.  Full microbial and bacteria scans via digital phase contrast microscan.  Yeast cell count analysis and vitality assessments.  


  • Fermentation nutrients is evaluated via laboratory testing to ensure a healthy and clean fermentation
  • Gentle Handling of Fruit with Diaphragm and flex impeller pumps used to gently pump wine
  • Fermentation of red wines are done typically in tank, barrel or bin fermentors
  • Coldsoak and extended maceration is available
  • Punchdowns are done per your request or by the recommendation of our consulting winemakers based off the progress of fermentation.  There is no single method used.  We constantly adjust to the each lot based off its performance and the style of wine being produced
  • Pressing via two bladder press options
  • Large facility glycol cooling system used for all white wine fermentation and cold stabilization


  • Aging is done typically in standard size barrels
  • Top up material stored in stainless tanks and glass containers
  • Barrel top ups and SO2 maintenance done every month
  • In Place Barrel Service using individually tracked and labeled barrels
  • Temperature and humidity controlled barrel storage


  • Lot Tracking for Bio-terrorism Compliance
  • Inventory control
  • continuous supply of 180 degree water for sanitation and barrel maintenance


  • Fully equiped onsite Laboratory Services Include Regular QC Analysis, MLF, SO2, TA, PH, ALC, VA, YAN, phase contrast microscanning, yeast vitality assessment and tracking


  • Complete bottling services
  • Mobile bottling truck options are available.  Manual bottling equipment available for smaller lots
  • Rinsing, gas sparging and sanitizing of bottles
  • Automatic labeling machine
  • Automatic filling machine
  • automatic corker
  • Wax dipping
  • Cork sourcing
  • Bottle selection and sourcing
  • Label sourcing and approval